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What are the causes of UTI and what are the ways to prevent it?

Not maintaining good personal hygiene and partner infection with UTI can induce UTI. Anus is very near vagina so any sort of unhealthy environment can induce it as well. Other conditions like inadequate treatment of UTI in the patient and some infections like gonococcal infection in the partner can infect. Prevention is better than cure. Avoid all these and consult the urologist and gynaecologist. Use safe and clean sanitary pads, bathe daily. Treat the partner if he has some problem. Once fever is there, you may need hospitalization and treatment with proper antibiotics through the intravenous route. Proper antibiotic for adequate period after urine culture and test of?cure (re-culture of urine after full course of treatment after?48 hrs of being drug free) is the key of treatment. If recurrent,?then serious conditions of bladder or kidney have to be considered. At times, tuberculosis of kidney or cancer of kidney, or diabetes, has to be ruled out with consultation of urologist.

I am having a persistent problem with painful periods, please suggest.

Painful period is not a disease unless proved otherwise, majority of females have dysmenorrhoea (painful period) in their reproductive period. But persistent and congestive dysmenorrhoea (premenstrual pain) can have different origins for pain. There is a condition called Endometriosis which is a benign condition where the lining of uterus (Endometrium) gets spilled out of the uterus thru the fallopian tube which normally does only thru cervix to vagina and out during menstruation. This endometrium gets deposited outside the uterus and during each menstruation cycle, it bleeds due to hormonal changes leading to lot of pain. This condition can be diagnosed by an experienced gynae doctor and the condition can be treated.

The other possibility for pain during menstruation is benign tumor of uterus like Fibroid Uterus. This is growth of muscle of uterus in which fibrous tissue appears like a bulge on the surface of the uterus or inside the uterine cavity; this causes severe pain and excessive bleeding during menses. It can also be treated. If these conditions are excluded for pain, then painful period can be a normal physiological process. Simple antispasmodic or pain killer can work for the natural one for few days.?

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