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-Vishal Rai

There’s nothing more valuable than a robust body. From the importance of a balanced regime to the appearance of new diseases and the significance of a good night’s sleep, there’s a lot one needs to know about living healthy.

As smartphones have taken over our lives, they’ve become much more than just picture taking, music playing, and game running devices. They are also helping us get into shape. A few recommended free apps for iOS and Android are: Teemo (fitness & strength), MyFitnessPal (tracking & analytics), Epicurious (food & nutrition), Calm (relaxation & meditation), Couch to 5k (running & cardio), and Lose It! (weight management).

B-Balanced regime
“Rest, exercise, and nutrition are all equally important,” says Ratan Bam, fitness trainer at Nirvana Wellness Centre. “For a healthy lifestyle, you need a perfect balance of the three.”

C-Computer positioning (to avoid eye strain)
Place your monitor directly in front of your face so that its center is 4 to 8 inches below your eyes. This will allow the neck to relax while you work. The distance of the screen should be an arm’s length away.

D-Old-age depression
Depression is widespread among older adults but many fail to recognize the symptoms. Even if they don’t appear to be sad or lonely, they could still be suffering from the condition. A few signs to look out for are: feelings of despair or helplessness, irritability, slowed movement and speech, lack of motivation, memory problems, anxiety, unexplained or exacerbated pains, a loss of interest in socializing, and neglecting personal care.

E-Emergence of new diseases
The past few years have seen the appearance of a number of new diseases. In 2012, researchers identified a new syndrome among Asians (and people of Asian descent) that causes AIDS-like symptoms (though not associated with HIV). 2013 saw ‘lifestyle’ diseases overtaking traditional illnesses, most of which resulted from a change in diet and lack of exercise, particularly in Asia. In the same year, researchers discovered agents called cycloviruses in Vietnam and Malawi that were linked to neurological diseases.

F-Food for infants
Squash, lentils, dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, blueberries, avocado, prunes, mandarin oranges, and meat are ideal baby foods. Meat is a great source of zinc and iron while the rest are sources of various vitamins, protein, fiber, folate, antioxidants, calcium, and unsaturated fat. Grind or puree the food if your baby still hasn’t started eating solids.

G-Global warming and its impact on health
Since the 1970s, millions of deaths have been directly attributed to global warming. Climate change can reduce the quality of air and drinking water and lead to insufficient food supply. Climate sensitive diseases such as diarrhea, malnutrition, malaria, and dengue are some of the biggest killers. Children, the elderly, and communities living in poverty are particularly at risk.

H-Health insurance
Himalayan General Insurance (HGI) provides medical insurance for corporate groups with a minimum of 10 people. “Families of the group members can also be included in the policy. But, as of now, we do not provide insurance to individuals,” says Sushil Bajracharya, DGM of HGI.

I -Sports injuries: how to prevent them
Besides strengthening exercises, stretching and stabilization is very important, no matter what the sport, says Arjun Gautam, physiotherapist at Grande International Hospital. “Stabilization exercises are for balance and coordination, particularly for the knees and ankles which are the most injury prone areas,” he adds.

J-Juicing vegetables
Eat your fruits and juice your vegetables. Juicing provides more nutrients than when simply eaten. It’s also a way for the body to benefit from the vegetable’s properties because the liquid form makes digestion easier. And for those who normally steer clear of veggies, it’s a great way to squeeze them into your diet.

K-Kids and nicotine addiction
Children get addicted to cigarettes a lot quicker than previously thought, according to researchers at Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts. Kids who have smoked only a few cigarettes experience the same symptoms of nicotine dependency as heavy smoking adults. A study that spanned four years and followed 60012 and 13-year-olds concluded that kids who smoked only a few cigarettes a week still ended up being strongly addicted to nicotine.

L- Late pregnancies
It’s a widespread belief that late pregnancies are overrun with difficulties. However, with advancements in medical science, good prenatal care, and regular follow ups, many of the associated risks can be avoided. In most cases, women who generally delay pregnancy until their mid-30s are well educated and have higher earnings. With education and income being key factors in good health, later pregnancies can mean more financial resources and better access to health facilities. Additionally, assuming that they are carefully planned, the preconception period can be used to improve women’s health.

M- Mushrooms
Studies have shown that substituting red meat with white button mushrooms can help in weight loss. The fungi is associated with better diet quality and improved nutrition. Its consumption is also said to increase vitamin D levels and enhance the immune system.

N- Natural home remedies
You can make your own remedies by mixing the right amount of ingredients; all it takes is a quick Google search for the recipe. Remember that these treatments are best when fresh, so prepare only the necessary amounts.

Various benefits of oil
Coconut and olive oil are widely used for various health purposes but there are also a number of lesser used natural products. Peppermint and rose oil can be used to treat PMS; lavender calms the nervous system; geranium heals scars and is used against body odor; pine speeds up metabolism and is an antidote for food poisoning; while clove can be utilized as an aphrodisiac.

P-Pap tests
Pap tests not only detect cervical cancer but can also prevent it by uncovering abnormalities long before they become malignant. Regular tests can reduce the risk of cervical cancer by 70%.

Q- Quitting alcohol: self help tips
Find alternatives: Develop new healthy activities, hobbies, and relationships.
Steer clear of ‘triggers’: If certain people, places, and activities make you want to drink, avoid them altogether.
Plan to handle urges: Remind yourself why you want to quit, talk to someone you trust, or get involved in healthy, distracting activities.
Say “No”: Have a convincing “no” ready when you’re offered a drink. The quicker you say it, the less likely you’ll give in.

R- Red meat: good or bad?
Red meat is very nutritious, especially if the animal it comes from has been naturally fed and raised. Some studies may display a link between red meat and diabetes as well as cardiovascular diseases, but those are mainly associated with processed meat. Observational studies also show that red meat eaters have a higher cancer risk, but much of the evidence is weak and inconsistent. While such surveys tell us that individuals who eat red meat often are more likely to fall ill, they haven’t been able to prove red meat as the cause of the diseases yet.

S- Shoulder pain and heart disease
Have you ever wondered why an imminent or ongoing heart attack can cause shoulder pain? Dr. Bharat Rawat, heart specialist at Norvic Hospital, has the answer: “Heart pain can occur anywhere between the belly button and lower jaw. A heart attack or angina pain is usually in the center of the chest. This sometimes can be in the upper stomach area too and can mimic acidity ‘gastric’ pain. At times, the pain radiates to the left shoulder and arm. If in doubt, an ECG should be done to rule out a heart attack.”

T-Tunes on the treadmill
Treadmill walkers listening to music can feel 15% more energetic and less eager to get off the machine than those exercising in silence. This is because music can be an effective dissociation strategy, reducing perceptions of effort and fatigue.

U- Underwater deliveries
Underwater deliveries, or water births, have grown in popularity in the last 25 years. Although its benefits are up for debate, new moms choose underwater deliveries because they believe it’s a natural and less stressful experience. Water also relaxes muscles and improves blood flow and may reduce vaginal tearing as well. It’s also said to shorten the first stage of labor and lessen the need for anaesthesia.

V- Vulnerability: keeping children safe from diseases
Since children are especially vulnerable to infectious diseases in school, due to being in a group setting, a number of steps can be taken for prevention. School authorities should be vigilant about cleaning and disinfecting classrooms as well as encouraging students and staff to get annual influenza vaccinations. Parents, on the other hand, can teach their children about good hand-hygiene practices and respiratory etiquette (covering the nose and mouth while coughing, etc.).

W- Weight loss: three simple tricks
Brushing after dinner will make you less likely to eat again before going to bed.
Take a “before” photo prior to starting your regime. Looking at it will be all the motivation you need.
Avoid drinks with calories (juice, lemonade, alcohol).

X- X-ray risks?
Exposure to radiation during an X-ray has been a cause of concern for many. The truth is, everyone is exposed to sources of background radiation on a day to day basis. X-rays do carry a (largely theoretical) possibility of triggering cancer at a later date, but this risk is extremely low. Radiographs of various parts of the body generally have 1 in 100,000 to 1,000,000 chances of causing cancer. However, X-rays that directly target the womb during pregnancies are not recommended.

Y- Nutritious value of yams
Yams are a source of potassium and vitamin B6 that help protect against cardiovascular diseases. It also contains antioxidants which, coupled with the vitamin, can reduce premenstrual symptoms. Yam-containing products are also known to have special benefits
when it comes to menopause.

Z- Zzzz... : the importance of sleep
Sleep plays a crucial role in good health. Lack of sleep hinders learning and memory, leads to weight gain, results in moodiness, and alters immune functions. There’s also the tendency to fall asleep during the daytime which, in many different ways, can lead to mistakes and accidents.

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